Survival course

ianuarie 18, 2012

Complete the conversation using the items in brackets in either Past Simple or Present Perfect.

Tibor, a sales manager, is planning to send his staff on a team-building survival course.

Tibor: Right now (1) …… you all ….. (get) my email yesterday about the training course?

Fydor: Er, yes, (2) ….. (be) it a joke?

Tibor: I certainly (3) …… (not mean) it to be a joke, Fydor. No, I (4) …….. (notice) recently that we need to work as a team more. Last year’s interpersonal skills course obviously (5) …… (not be) as successful as I (6) …… (hope), and so I (7) ……. (now decide) to send you all on a management survival course.

Fydor: At the Death or Glory Training Camp.

Tibor: That’s right. (8) …….. you ……. (hear) of it?

Fydor: No.

Eva: Erm, you (9) ……. (say) in your e-mail, Tibor, that you won’t be coming on the course with us yourself. Is that right?

Tibor: Er, unfortunately, yes. Obviously, I (10) ….. (want) to join you, but I’m going to be much too busy, I’m afraid. For one thing, I still (11) …… (not do) the quarterly sales figures.

Ivan: Tibor, why (12) ….. (not tell) us about this at the departmental meeting last week?

Tibor: Well, I (13) ….. (not make up) my mind until today. But I, er, (14) ….. (think) it would bring us all together.

Fydor: It (15) …… (already bring) us all together. None of us wants to go!

Tibor: Now, look, Fydor, don’t be so negative. Wait until you (16) ….. (have) a chance to think about it. I (17) …… even ….. (show) you the course brochure yet. Anyway, do the rest of you think?

Eva: I think it’s the most ridiculous thing you (18) ….. (ever ask) us to do. And, God knows, the interpersonal skills training (19) …. (be) bad enough. I am not being dumped on a freezing hillside by some sadistic ex-commando, stripped to my underwear and told to find my way back to civilisation with a fruit knife, a chocolate bar and a ball of string!

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