Everyday life – Rahner

februarie 8, 2016

<<Rahner offers common human experiences to help us ‘dig … out from under the rubbish of everyday experience’ (Karl Rahner, ‘Experiencing the Spirit’, in The Practice of Faith, 83) real life occurrences of grace, such as accepting with hope the experience of utter loneliness; forgiving with no expectation of the other’s gratitude or even of feeling good about one’s selflessness; being utterly faithful to the depths of one’s conscience, even when taken as a fool; praying, even when it feels useless; maintaining faith, hope and love, even when there are no apparent reasons for so doing; experiencing bitterly the great gulf between what we desire from life and what it actually gives us; and silently hoping in the face of death (Rahner, ‘Experiencing the Spirit’, 81.). God is experienced, in Rahner’s view, most clearly and intensely,

„… where the graspable contours of our everyday realities break and dissolve; where failures of such realities are experienced; when lights which illuminate the tiny islands of our everyday life go out.” (Rahner, ‘Experiencing the Spirit’, 81.)

And Rahner prefers negative experiences to joyful ones because:

„… wherever space is really left by parting, by death, by renunciation, by apparent emptiness, provided the emptiness that cannot remain such is not filled by the world, or activity, or chatter, or the deadly grief of the world—there God is.” (Rahner, Biblical Homilies, 77.) >>

citat în articolul: THE MYSTICAL THEOLOGY OF KARL RAHNER Harvey D. Egan)


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